Property Preservation Mastery

Bonuses Below Expire In Less Than 24 Hours

($6,114 in bonuses and discounts)

The Property Preservation Mastery online course provides deep-dive training for individuals who are tired of dealing with unreasonable buyers and sellers as a broker or agent, tired of the risk of fix and flip, tired of the hustle of wholesaling, and want to establish a recession-proof, 6-figure business with NO SELLING involved, in the little known niche of Property Preservation.

What you'll get with Property Preservation Mastery:

Bonuses Below Expire In Less Than 24 Hours

($2,538 Value)

Complimentary Bonuses

($3,076 in bonuses)

The Conditions Are:

  1. Must have completed 100% of course inside Kajabi inside of 90 days
  2. Must get at least 90% of questions correct in the Bid Readiness quiz
  3. Must have created your business entity with your Secretary of State
  4. Must have Obtained your G/L and E/O insurance
  5. Must show proof of having applied for vendor status with no less than 5 companies, and the application date of the 5th company must be at least 60 days prior to date of requested refund
  6. Must show proof of having submitted at least 5 bids for contracts
For any student who follows our process and does each of those things, in the proper order, IF YOU HAVE NOT MADE MONEY IN PROPERTY PRESERVATION by that time, we will give you a 100% refund on your purchase, period. That's how confident we are in our process.
***All purchases subject to our Terms and Conditions of Online Sales***

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