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Based on the answers you gave in your Property Preservation Readiness Assessment, you are well-positioned to launch your property preservation business, right now, but NOT in a position to participate in our Property Preservation Mastery program at this time. Read the report below to find out why. Your NEXT STEP is detailed at the bottom of the report.


1) “Do I Desire To Own A Business vs Being An Employee or Owning A Job?” Your Answers Indicate YES.

  • Please note that this is not another debate between the merits of being a business owner vs being an employee. One is not automatically better than the other. However, in order to launch a successful property preservation business, you will be REQUIRED to start and operate your own business
  • There are a few different business models that apply to running a property preservation business. Please note that our program is highly geared toward those who desire to operate the business, and subcontract out the work tasks assigned to their company, not do the work themselves
  • We do have some students who opt to start the business AND complete all the field work as well. This typically occurs between a husband / wife or some other partnership where one person agrees to handle the administrative side and the other completes the field work
If you have never launched a business before, our Property Preservation Mastery program provides the foundational tools to assist our students with launching a business themselves. We also include recommendations to CPAs for assistance with the process


2) “Am I Willing And Able To Commit A Minimum of 11-25 Hours/Week Part-Time And 25+ Hours/Week Full-Time To Launching My Business?” Your Answers Indicate YES.

  • A Property Preservation business CAN be launched to generate an additional part-time income stream, as long as the owner has at least 11 hours available per week.
    • Prospective students who focus on building their business with a 11-25 hour per week commitment (part-time) should expect to generate $50K within the first 12-18 months. The net profit goal should be right around 50% in this scenario.
  • It’s important to note, however, that those hours generally will most likely NOT be only on evenings and weekends. In other words, there is no scenario where you can 100% neglect your preservation business during the hours of 8am to 5pm Monday – Friday, and still be successful
  • If you’re working full-time, your job should have a certain level of flexibility where you can quickly respond to a text or email and an occasional phone call
    • Example: Your contractor arrives at the property and finds squatters there. They will need to call you for guidance on how to proceed
  • Prospective students who desire to put full-time hours into their business will need AT LEAST 25+ hours per week. Again, our program is centered around a subcontracting model. If you desire to complete the work yourself, you’ll be looking at 50+ hours per week in the field
    • Important: Business owners who are also completing the majority of the work should expect to max out between $80K to $100K per year. The reason is because work capacity is limited as a one person operation. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS
  • Prospective students who follow the format outlined in the course and fully subcontract the work assigned to their company should expect to generate $100K+ within the first 12-18 months
    • The net profit goal should be 50% to 60% under this scenario
    • The example above can be accomplished with ONE contract in ONE county
    • For those who desire to hit multiple six-figures, we generally recommend expanding with one company first before obtaining new contracts
At no point do we advise quitting your job as a pre-emptive move to launch your property preservation business.

3) “Am I Able To Pass A Criminal Background Check?” Read Below, DO NOT Skip This Section.

  • This can be a sensitive topic, so we don’t ask about criminal history on our Readiness Assessment, but what shows up on your criminal background check will impact your ability to start a property preservation business
  • The sole objective of our program is to guide students through the process of landing their first contract under their property preservation company, then scaling to multiple six-figures
  • All official owners of the business will be required to complete a CRIMINAL background check
    • Felonies are NOT allowed and will disqualify you from eligibility to obtain a contract
    • Certain misdemeanors are acceptable but we don’t have the specifics on every situation
    • If background checks are of concern, we recommend completing the background check with Aspen Grove Solutions, prior to enrollment
  • If you are someone who has dealt with prior bankruptcies, tax issues or bad credit, please note that this will generally NOT affect your background check negatively, unless criminal charges have been filed
Some of our current students with background check issues opt to work with a business partner to establish the business. You may consider this option as a Plan B if you’re worried about passing the criminal background check.

4) “Do I Have The Technical Ability To Operate This Business?” Your Answers Indicate YES.

  • While we don’t require our prospective students to be prior business owners, we DO require students to possess an adequate level of technical proficiency, because you need these same basic skills to run a property preservation business
  • What does this mean?
    • You should be proficient in:
      • Web browsing
      • Navigating online courses
      • Uploading / downloading files from the Internet
      • Using basic software programs such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint and/or Google Docs
      • Accessing Dropbox folders
  • Based on your answers, none of this should be an issue for you. For individuals where any of the areas above are of major concern to them OR sound like a foreign language because they are not versed at all in using those software platforms, our recommendation for them is that they NOT register for our Property Preservation Mastery program unless you hire a virtual assistant for support, or have a friend or family member who is willing to guide you through this work
  • For individuals who don’t have the skills noted above, completing the course is challenging, and we do NOT provide assistance with computer proficiency. More importantly, they’ll have issues operating their business, as many of the same skill sets are required in day to day operations
Sometimes people want to recommend our program to their friends and family, but haven’t taken the time to make sure that it’s a fit for those people before they do. For individuals who truly desire to launch this type of business, but lack the technical skill set, we highly recommend completing a few online courses on Google Docs as a bare minimum requirement, or hiring a Virtual Assistant, or someone else who has that technical proficiency. Find a list of courses HERE.

5) “Do I Have At Least $2K To Cover Hard Costs In Launching My Business?” Your Answers Indicate YES.

  • Property Preservation has lower start-up costs than many other real estate niches, because it requires no property purchases, and no licensing or certification of any kind, BUT it does require some investment. Above and beyond the cost of our Property Preservation Mastery online course, you will generally spend around $2K on start-up costs. These costs include:
    • Insurance down payment
    • Business formation
    • Business foundational tools (i.e. website/address/phone etc)
  • These fees are not paid to or collected by Real Estate Profit Lab. These are your hard costs to start your official business entity, and get the approvals and documentation in place to receive property preservation contracts
  • This screenshot below is a textbook example from one of our recent students that breaks down the costs associated with starting up…


  • If you don’t have the required start-up capital, but still want to move forward, you may consider checking out our $21 ebook: “Baby Steps To Financial Freedom.” This ebook provides a short list of steps to complete if you want to take action while you’re saving money for start-up capital. It includes a list of 30+ recession-proof side hustles that many of our students have utilized to generate enough money to buy the PPM course, and or as start-up capital to launch their business, once in the course

6) “What about payroll expenses? Do I have enough start-up capital to cover the money I need up front to pay subcontractors?” Your Answers Indicate YES.

  • We recommend paying subcontractors on a bi-weekly basis
  • As you add contractors to your team, we recommend explaining the bi-weekly payment system AND mentioning that their first deposit should be expected in 2 to 3 weeks. We cover how to do this in detail in the Property Preservation Mastery online course
  • Most of the companies that we recommend issue payments during a 3 week timeframe, so the $2000 in start-up costs includes enough money to float you on your first small project, while waiting on your first payment
  • Also note that in the early stages of your contract, you will NOT be flooded with work assignments, and your payroll costs will not be substantial during this timeframe


There are thousands of real estate courses available in the marketplace, spanning every area of the industry. I’ll bet that you’ve likely “tried” a number of them, right?

Generally, these programs sell students on the promise of fast money with minimal time, effort and start-up capital required.

These programs generally promise success to ANYONE and to EVERYONE. In theory, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that concept, and many people have considerable success with these options. However…

We are not that program.

We will be the first to tell you that our Property Preservation Mastery program is NOT a great fit for everyone.

Everyone will NOT be able to be successful in this industry. #FACTS

Our program is designed to give ambitious, real estate minded professionals a defined, step-by-step process to launch their property preservation business.

In theory, everyone can get into this industry, and launch their business.

But in the real world, it requires a particularly ambitious mindset, high execution skills, ability to follow a proven blueprint, basic technology skills, and the required start-up capital.

If you’re someone who has watched tons of YouTube videos on property preservation, and you believe that you have a strong enough grasp to move forward on your own, there is a high probability that your assertion is INACCURATE.


How do we know?

Because we have many students who analyzed and watched videos with no success, and some who even tried to launch, and after encountering pitfall after pitfall going it alone, they finally join our program and land their first contract within weeks.

If you are unclear about what you need to do, and in what order you need to do it, or even consider it, to give yourself the best possible shot at launching your business and getting to contracts, your journey will be MUCH harder to navigate on your own.

It’s highly likely that you’ve never experienced a program where you have to go through so many steps, in order to even have the chance to consider and be considered for the opportunity to pay money and participate.

One of the reasons why we’re so specific in our customer framing and customer vetting, is because unlike most of the offers you’ll see on the internet, we simply don’t want to accept a dollar from anyone, unless we can GUARANTEE them that IF they follow our process, 100% of the time, they will get the result.

To do that, we have to be more rigorous on the front end with making sure that for each offer, the participants we accept are a 1:1 fit.

In the short run, it impacts how much money we make, but in the long run, we believe that the value and trust that people develop for what we do and how we do it is worth it.

As a point of reference, in 6000+ transactions, we have only 6 chargebacks. That is .001, or 1/10 of 1% of all customers we’ve ever had since 2016.


The Property Preservation Readiness Assessment results above should have made it clear whether or not the industry could be a fit for you, and whether or not you have the time and money necessary to move forward in the process if you choose to do so.

Since you DO have the $2000 in hard costs that are necessary to start a Property Preservation business today, but DO NOT have $2497 above and beyond that for our flagship Property Preservation Mastery course, PPM is not a fit for you at this time.

Though Property Preservation Mastery isn’t a fit at this time, we still have an option for you to test drive the EXACT content included in the first 2 of 7 modules in our $2497 flagship course. In our LIVE LAUNCH SUMMIT half day group training event, in real-time, Danielle shows you screen-by-screen how to file with the secretary of state, to officially start your preservation business, and the steps to take to apply for and secure the required insurance, so your new company creates the foundation to get awarded its first contract.

If you’re ready to create a foundation for your 1st contract, launch your preservation biz and secure your required insurance with Danielle, THIS SATURDAY, click the link below to learn more about LIVE LAUNCH SUMMIT.