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If you had told me 20 years ago that I would start a property preservation business I still operate that, to this day, generates close to $300K/year, basically on autopilot, there’s no way I would’ve believed you…

And if you had told me that after 7 years in the preservation business, I would also have a TOTALLY SEPARATE COMPANY that generated close to a million dollars last year, training everyday folks like myself how to launch and grow successful property preservation businesses themselves, I would’ve said no way…

To learn why virtual coaching from someone with real life experience vs coaching from someone with only book theory pays big dividends, click —–>>>HERE for Article 2 of our “Coach, Community and Cash” series, Playing The Game vs Coaching The Game.

And if you had told me that I would achieve the highest gross sales in one month EVER since starting the online course biz, during a global pandemic, I would have thought you were absolutely crazy…

And if you told me that the very next month would result in breaking yet ANOTHER personal sales record by closing June at $159K…

And if you told me that in that same month, I would break yet ANOTHER personal sales record for a day by generating $80K in sales in less than 4 hours, I would’ve been 100% certain that you were, indeed, BAT SHIT CRAZY.

But, that’s exactly what happened, ladies and gents. And you want to know why and HOW it happened?

Pay attention here, because what I’m going to share with you here may be your aha moment, the fork in the road of financial success that you’ve been struggling to get past.

Just as I am a virtual coach to all my PPI students, for the first time ever, I hired a high performance business coach in 2020.

It was a huge financial investment for me, one that I didn’t FEEL like I could afford…an investment that FELT like a huge “risk”…

I told him that my goal was to go from $800K in sales of my Property Preservation Mastery online course in 2019, to $2.5M in 2020. He didn’t even blink.

But what he DID do was map out a defined strategy for me to get there, with that goal broken down into bite-sized, measurable actions, and clear revenue benchmarks that we track down to the day, to know whether or not we are meeting, exceeding, or behind on our path to $2.5M.

What he DID do was create an agile structure for implementing and testing high impact growth strategies at an incredibly fast pace, measuring their outcomes, and adjusting on the fly within days.

This isn’t a magic show folks – everything doesn’t work ALL the time. But when we get off track, we can quickly see how to turn it around and get back on pace to meet and exceed our monthly revenue benchmarks, inside of the bigger $2.5M goal for 2020.

As of July 2020, we’re still on track to meet that $2.5M goal, and I NEVER would’ve seen a path to get here without the strategies laid out by my coach.

Wondering why I keep saying $2.5M? Because a great coach puts you inside of a structure that keeps your goals so in your face that you go to sleep to them, wake up to them, daydream to them, and think about them all day, every day. This is the power of hiring a coach who is 100% invested in your success.


I would really LOVE for you to pay attention to the rest of this article and the remaining articles over the next 3 weeks.

Why? Because, I’m going to take you on a journey back through the last 13 years of my career as a real estate entrepreneur, and help you understand just how much having effective coaches in your business life can transform your ENTIRE life.

Honestly, I have accumulated an absolutely RIDICULOUS amount of losses over the years…

Like the time I was laid off from my job in 2007 and spent ALL the money from my employee stock account at lightning speed, and didn’t even bother to save, reinvest or pay off debt! ?

Or that one month when I earned just over three hundred dollars for the ENTIRE month! ?

Then, there was the time I started a property preservation company to earn 6 figures and only made $29K the first 6 months!?
Note: That number increased to over $300K in the next 12 months. ?

Over the last 2 years I have FINALLY started to figure out the 3 part formula to long lasting success.

That formula is this: Coaching + Community = Cash Flow

We know that the Internet world is dominated with coaches, consultants and transformation experts.

Like many of you, I had a general mistrust of people calling themselves coaches and experts because there didn’t seem to be a way to differentiate the real from the fake…

Here’s one thing I’m absolutely convinced of: the RIGHT coaching magnifies your results, and with a support community of like-minded others on the same journey around you, you get there at a much faster pace.

Now, you could opt to go it alone and “figure it out” – especially if, like me, you consider yourself pretty intelligent and able to pick things up quickly. This is what I did with my property preservation business.

But, I know that I left A LOT of money on the table in 2013, 2014 and 2015..

And, I also know that intelligence doesn’t really have a whole lot to do with it. I wish I knew then what I know now, about how much more money I would’ve made, time I would’ve saved, and unneeded stress I would’ve avoided had I hired a coach years ago, and not tried to figure it all out on my own.

That same option is open to you as well regarding your property preservation business:

Figure it out on your own, and leave money on the table for multiple years


Pay a virtual coach like myself for a PROVEN PROCESS that will shortcut you to your results

You CAN start and grow a property preservation business from $0, to 4-figures per month, to 5-figures per month, and make a 6-figure income in the industry. There’s absolutely no doubt about that.

Do you want to “figure it out” and potentially take 4-5 years to get there, or do you want a step-by-step, clearly defined blueprint, that makes it PREDICTABLE for you to get there in 12-18 months? That decision is yours to make.